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Jim McCoy Shares Candidate Preference Research Findings (October 2014)
 Quite possibly the only thing more challenging than looking for the right talent is being the candidate looking for the right job. When so much is defined by what we do and who we work for, how do we make the right choice? What do employers do to impact my decision? Recently, we (ManpowerGroup Solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing) conducted a survey on candidate preferences in online job searches and interviews. In the first paper of a five-part series - When Engaging the Right Talent, One Size Does Not Fit All - Candidate Preferences in Job Search and Interview Practices - we share that high-touch and high-tech in recruiting go hand-in-hand. But personal connection and customization matter just as much, if not more, to candidates. Here is what we heard:
1 Candidates want to be understood. Employers will win talent if they fully understand the influence technological applications and social media networks can have on the entire job search process - from initial engagement to final interviews.
2 Go back to basics. While candidates are becoming more and more exposed to new technologies during their job searches, employers should first understand the profiles of talent they want to target and consider a range of approaches when interacting with candidates.
3 Personality counts. Organizations should consider the personalities of hiring managers and recruiters, especially if in-person interviews are conducted. 7 in 10 prefer in-person interviews. Recruiters can help coach hiring managers to maximize the benefit of face-to-face time with candidates.
4 Content is king. An employer's website - particularly its career site - is the #1 resource candidates visit and use in their job search. Employers can attract the right talent faster and more efficiently by developing more robust career sites that include compelling content about their brand, culture, available jobs, the hiring process, as well as professional growth and development paths.
5 It's all about the experience. More than 35% of prospective employees want organizations to provide more information about jobs and more frequent interactions during the hiring process, while another 25% prefer to receive more company information.
  Information by Jim McCoy Vice President, Practice Lead ManpowerGroup Solutions, North America From ManpowerGroup Solutions Talent page:

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